Think About It


Potential – we all have it. It’s like a treasure chest waiting to be unpacked. It’s all about who we can become and what we can do to make the world a better place. Most people don’t see their potential. They tend to see their faults and their limitations. Often it takes other people to see it and then to draw it out. I’ll never forget a teacher who in my late teen years took me out to lunch. We chatted for a while and then he began to tell me what he and others saw in me. He told... Read more →

Your Story

Every one of us has a story to tell. Your life is your story. Your story is your life. Like a story, your life has a beginning, a middle, and an ending. There is a theme, characters, subplots (work, family, health, happiness, friendship), trajectory, and tone. What kind of story is your life? A comedy? A drama? A thriller (horror) movie? A romance or a love story? An action movie? A fairy tale? In reality, each of our life stories is an EPIC. It’s a long journey with many scenes, experiences, twists and turns, characters, and smaller individual story lines.... Read more →


Creativity – it’s everywhere. Just have a look at the world around you – there is such a variety of shapes, colours, textures, movements, sounds, and even smells. There is nothing bland, boring, or predictable about the world. In fact, there are over 6 billion people on the planet right now and each one of them has a unique fingerprint. Talk about creativity! As you go through your day, ask yourself, “Is there a better way?” and “Could we do this differently?” Admit it when things are no longer working and make appropriate changes. Create an atmosphere around you that... Read more →


One of the characteristics of wise people is that they are open to feedback. Feedback from other people can give us needed insight not only into our own lives but to any issue or challenge we may be considering. If you reject feedback, you will hinder your own personal growth. All of us have things about ourselves that we are unaware of or don’t see. Only by being open to feedback from others can we learn about these areas and make positive changes. Every one of us has weaknesses. Usually other people see them before we do! My theory is... Read more →


Have you been to a funeral lately? If you have, I’m sure you’ve listened to various people give a tribute to the person who has passed away - stories that give you an insight into who the person was and the kind of impact they had on the people in their world. Take a moment to imagine your own funeral. I know it s a bit of a morbid thought ... but it’s worth doing. Imagine that four people are going to give a tribute about your life and the impact you had on them ... a friend, family member,... Read more →


All of us experience adversity in one form or another on a regular basis. We respond to adversity by thinking about it. Those thoughts rapidly form beliefs and these beliefs have consequences – in how we feel and what we do next. A simple example: Your best friend hasn’t returned your phone calls. In response you think ... “They don’t like me anymore; maybe I did something to offend them.” As a result you are fairly depressed all day and you don’t get much work done Or imagine the same event ... but this time in response you think ...... Read more →


We live in a world where the pursuit of happiness is most people’s highest endeavour. Everyone wants to feel good, to have positive emotions, and to avoid negative ones. Studies on the subject of happiness have found that: Most people have a set range of happiness that they will return to even after good or bad things happen to them. Most external circumstances don’t have a long-lasting impact on personal happiness – including matters such as money, marriage, health, or education. What makes the biggest difference in an individual’s level of happiness is a number of voluntary actions that they... Read more →


Problems – no one likes them but the truth is that everyone has them. I use to think that the aim in life was to have no problems at all ... but then I discovered that as soon as I solved one set of problems, some new ones would arrive on my doorstep. After a while I came to accept that problems are part of life. The crucial thing is not avoid them or to ignore them but to face them head on – with courage and wisdom. Often when problems arise we tend to immediately focus on why they... Read more →

Clarity in Uncertainty

Today we all live in fairly turbulent times. There is a lot of uncertainty and that can bring all sorts of fears and worries into our life if we aren’t careful. One of things you’ll discover in life is that you can’t always be certain but you can be clear. Uncertainty is a permanent part of our lives. It never goes away. We all have to at times make decisions with limited information. So our goal should not be to eliminate uncertainty. Instead, it should be to ensure we develop the art of clarity. On a sports team, can you... Read more →

Border Control

I have been privileged to have traveled to a number of other nations now and every time I enter a country I have to go through customs or ‘border control’. Before they let you in, they want to know lots of things such as: who you are, why you are visiting, how long you are staying, and what you are bringing in with you. I have often thought what it would be like to have such good border control for our mind and our inner world. After all, our life is shaped by our thoughts. Every day we have all... Read more →


An understanding of perspective is one of the keys to gaining wisdom for life. Here is a simple illustration that shows the importance of perspective ... Imagine a group of people sitting in a circle with a small table in the middle. A few observations ... Firstly, everyone sees the table differently, depending on where they are sitting. No one sees it exactly the same. Secondly, no one sees the table accurately. There are parts of the table that each person does not see. No one person has the full perspective, no matter who they are (except for God!). If... Read more →


To be highly effective in our work and to also enjoy life to the fullest we need to manage our energy, not just our time. Research reveals that energy, not time, is the most important component of personal effectiveness. Let me give you an example: If you’re scheduled to have open heart surgery, obviously you’d want your doctor turning up on time. But what kind of mood would you want him or her in – angry, depressed, tired, nervous? Of course not! You’d want them to be awake, confident and fully engaged in what they’re about to do to you!... Read more →

Internal Stress

Recent research tells us that a lot of Australians are experiencing a great deal of stress in their life. Life is getting more complex, the pressures are increasing, the pace is getting faster, and a lot of people are struggling to cope. One of the keys to good stress management is learning to keep our “internal stress” as low as possible so that we have the capacity to cope with the inevitable “external stress” that will come our way. Internal stress is the stress we carry on the inside of us and it usually comes from three things: Unrealistic expectations... Read more →


Developing and maintaining a good attitude in life is vital. However it’s not always easy! One huge misconception about attitudes is that if you have a good attitude you will never feel bad or get upset. How untrue! People with great attitudes experience all the same sorts of negative emotions that other people do, they just work through them constructively and refuse to allow these emotions to hinder their outlook on life. Everyone has times when they feel angry, resentful, worried, afraid, anxious, jealous, and maybe even depressed. The difference between people is how they choose to handle these negative... Read more →


When I was much younger I had a significant leader give me some feedback. He started out by encouraging me about my potential and my future. Then he said, “Mark, there’s a few things you need to work on. Firstly, you need to smile more. You’ve very tall and that can be quite intimidating for people. Begin to smile more regularly." Then he shared a few other things that we don’t have time to talk about today. I must admit, at first I was a bit annoyed. “Smile … come on, I’m smiling on the inside!” But then I realised... Read more →

Global Issues

Today we are living in a global village. Yes, it’s a big world but we’re all connected in so many ways like at no other time in our history. Here is Australia we have our own challenges but we really are still a ‘lucky country’. We’ve been blessed in so many ways and it’s easy to forget that many billions of people in our world live on just a few dollars a day. Some of the global issues we are facing are huge – things such as poverty, disease, war, and famine, just to name a few. These challenges are... Read more →


Have you ever noticed that bad things sometimes happen to good people? It’s one of those contradictions in our world. It doesn’t always make sense. Think about Job, a man who lived back in Bible times. He had a whole bunch of bad stuff happen to him … even though he was a good man who lived a good life. His friends started out by just being a comfort to him, which was good, but then they tried to figure out ‘why’ all of this bad stuff was happening. They thought it might be because Job had done something wrong... Read more →


Take a moment to think about the people who have had the greatest positive influence on your life. I’m sure there’s at least one or two you can think of. Then ask yourself what it was about them that caused them to impact you so much. Summarise it in a few words. I’m sure you’ll discover that it was the character of their life that made the biggest impression on you, not so much their talents, their gifts or their abilities. It is things like love, faithfulness, enthusiasm, passion, persistence, and integrity that influence us. This shows us that our... Read more →


If you are a parent, have you ever taken your child to McDonalds, bought them a meal, and then suddenly felt a little hungry yourself? You reach over and ask for a few of their fries and they respond by quickly pulling their fries away from you and saying “No!” How do you feel in that moment? I start to think … “Do you know where those fries came from? I paid for those fries!” Then I think … “I don’t need your fries anyway. I’ve got enough money to buy all the fries I want!!” And … “I can... Read more →


Money … everyone wants more of it. Somehow we think it is the answer to all of our problems. No doubt money has great power … for good or for evil. It all depends on our attitude towards it and how we use it. One of your goals should be to be financially ‘free’. In other words, to have your needs met and enough to give away. That’s a good definition of ‘prosperity’. A great plan for achieving this is the ’10–10-80 plan’. It goes like this … Every time you receive any form of income give away 10% of... Read more →