"Look Mum, No Notes!"

For the last year, I have been speaking my main messages to our church without using notes and without a pulpit to stand behind. This has been a big change for me. I've been speaking for over 20 years now and although there have been a few shorter messages I've given where I haven't used notes, I've usually taken my Bible and 6-10 pages of typed out notes to the pulpit each time I speak. So why the change? As part of a course I did on preaching last year, I was challenged to consider speaking without notes. My instructors... Read more →

Best Preaching Books

Learning to communicate God's Word in a way that captures people's attention and imparts principles for life change is quite an art. Even after years of hearing many excellent preachers and gaining much preaching experience myself in a variety of settings, I'm still learning. Here is a list of the most helpful books I've read: Communicating for a Change - by Andy Stanley Preaching with Purpose - by J.E. Adams Biblical Preaching - by Haddon Robison How to Speak so Youth Will Listen - by Ken Davis Rick Warren also has an excellent course called ‘Preaching to Change Lives’ which... Read more →