Morning Moments

Quiet and still Peaceful A new day born Hopeful Birds singing Joyful Heart beating Grateful Before the rush Before the noise Cacophony of activity Whirlwind of productivity It's coming … Be still Wait No rush Meditate All you need All you desire Here right now Come up higher Holy place Sacred time Not alone Heavenly company Breathe out Fear and worry Breathe in Peace and joy Gentle brook Deep and wide Come and drink Life inside Stay awhile … Morning moments [Mark Conner - 24th February 2014] Read more →

The Great Exchange

Musing replaced by amusement Preoccupation over meditation Noise for quiet Activity for depth Elders replaced by celebrities Glitz over substance Acting for being Gossip for wisdom Better replaced by bigger Trendy over timeless Speed for well-being Quick fix for deep change Time for a great reversal Selfishness replaced by love Joy over sorrow Grace for guilt Peace for the storm Lies replaced by truth Justice over abuse Hope for despair Good news for bad Lethargy replaced by passion Purpose over aimlessness Courage for fear Faith for doubt God over all and in all Ready to swap? [Mark Conner - January... Read more →

An Invitation

God in human form Immanuel God with us Jesus calls Follow me Will we go? Spirit calls Gentle whisper Will we hear? Father waits We play with toys Will we turn? An invitation From heaven’s throne room Come and see Trinity Other invitations Distant preoccupations Distract and clutter Competition For my heart Tug of war Who wouldn’t go? What greater call? What better company? Just a quick visit Or a lengthy stay Or maybe another day An invitation Just for me Time to RSVP [Mark Conner - January 24th, 2014] Read more →

The Cycle of Life

Struggle … caterpillar … earth bound Darkness … cocoon … transformation New birth … butterfly … flight New life … colour … beauty … Sudden death - one life for another All too soon. Is there more? [Mark Conner - January 23rd, 2014. Written after observing a willy wagtail eat a butterfly on a walking trail, leaving just it's beautiful wings. Note the ant already there] Read more →

Silence and Solitude

Day started well ... a walk, silence, conversation, coffee. Serenity invaded by noise. Walking away now … … Slow down An invitation … to silence … Just to BE. Sit down … stay awhile No rush … no hurry Still Peace. Joy. Loved. Content. Enough. Look … listen … No agenda. Together, that's all. One. Timelessness … present … this moment Now. Here. Today. With the I AM. Wait … No outcome … just experience ... and presence. Jesus walked everywhere In conversation Listened and observed Taught people from that Simple. Profound. Fresh. New. Life [Mark Conner. January 23rd. 2014] Read more →


Prophets are poets Wordsmiths and craftsmen Musicians who muse Prophets are seers Artists and artisans Visionaries who venture Ears always open Listening to hear Waiting for words Attentive to sound Eyes always open Looking to see Watching for pictures Observant to images Bushes still burn God waits to see Most pass on by Few stop to look God's heart, God's mind Pathos and ethos then logos Words with power To change and transform Where are the prophets? Time to roar [Mark Conner - January 22nd, 2014] Next Poem - Silence and Solitude Read more →

A Very Different World

Cars replace donkeys The pub over the synagogue Image over character Looks trump who you are Crowded yet lonely Advanced yet stunted Welcome to our world Yet people are still the same Hungry and thirsty For meaning and friendship God is still the same too Speaking through burning bushes When people take time to look Busy, busy, always in a hurry Faster than ever before Distraction, obsession, boredom Attention deficit disorder Quickly moving on to what's next Hardly noticing … no time Packed but empty lives More turns out to be less Slow is actually fast And less is really... Read more →

My Poetry

Rhythm more than rhyme Feelings over form Words over whatever No thunder No lightning Just a whisper Listen then write Read then listen Inspired circle Express the heart Tease the mind Stir the spirit Articulate life Words have power Shape your world Never the same See the change Transformation [Mark Conner - January 23rd, 2014] Next Poem - A Very Different World Read more →