Kid's Humor (Part 2)

Changes to Mark Conner's BLOG

Hi everyone (including subscribers),

Today I have transferred all of my BLOG posts (including links, comments, and categories) from Typepad to my WordPress website. This will enable me to manage one site rather than two. 

You can visit my Wordpress BLOG section now. There you will notice two new posts released today - "Navigating the Storms of Life" and a related poem called "Stormy Winds". 

For subscribers, from now on I will release an occasional e-newsletter with information about recent BLOG posts and other activities that I am up to, including where I am speaking and about projects I am working on. This will replace the current email notification that goes out to subscribers every time I release a BLOG post - which I know can tend to clutter one's inbox! 

To read about what other information is available on my website, please visit the Home page.

I will leave the Typepad BLOG site up for a while. However, all new posts will be released on my wordpress site and I have removed the email subscribe feature on Typepad as this is now available on my WordPress site.

Thanks everyone.

Mark Conner


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