The Mystery of our Emotions (Part 2)
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The Mystery of our Emotions (Part 3)


Yesterday, we talked about sadness and I shared a very personal poem with you. Like journalling, poetry is another way to give expression to our emotions. I am very much an amateur but writing poetry has been worth the effort. It helps me to put my feelings into words, my thoughts on to paper, and to give a voice to my emotions. [Read more of my poems here]
In our modern society, men have often been known to bury their feelings and therefore to not be in touch with them. Sadly, these suppressed feelings can fester there and then burst out through the common emotion of anger or even violence. This is not healthy and does a lot of damage. 
Can I encourage you to give more attention to your feelings. Slow down a bit and look within. How DO you feel? What is going on inside of you? Don’t just skim through life at breakneck speed. Hurry is a great enemy of the soul and nothing of quality or depth can be done at high speed. 
Get in touch with your own feelings. Set aside some extended time to talk openly to a counsellor or a safe friend. Then seek to be more aware of the feelings of others. Practice empathy - which means to “feel with”. Slow down and really listen, not just to people’s words but to their feelings and emotions. Everyone has a story and it needs to be heard. Be a listening ear, an understanding heart, and a supportive friend. 
The world will be a better place. 
P.S. For extras credit, why not get some friends together and watch the animated film Inside Out, then discuss it together. Yes, the picture above is from the movie :)


Another great and wise message from you, Mark. Loved the film "Inside Out" when I saw it. Please keep up the great work - loved your poem yesterday!! God Bless.


I've rediscovered your blog in the last few weeks. I've been reading through so many of your posts and am better off for it.

Thanks for the encouragement through the words.

Thanks a lot, Carol! Yes, such an insightful movie, for big kids too :)

Hey, thanks Tyson! Appreciate it.

Nice to have you back in Oz.

We enjoyed following your UK and Europe adventures on Instragram :)

Love to you and Jessica


Hey Mark
Really loved your insights on emotions.
Trust you & Nicole are doing well
Keep writing my friend.

Thanks a lot, Michael! Appreciate the encouragement :)

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