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Do You Really Need MORE Work? (Part 5)

My dad used to say, "The reward of work well done is more work!" How true is that.
Making a contribution is an important part of being human and adding value to society. We were created for meaningful work. But when is enough enough? There are many other important aspects of life other than work. No one on their death bed wished they spent more time at the office!
I love work. So much so that I clearly have workaholic tendencies. I can become so absorbed in what I am doing that I keep going and going, attacking that endless task list and never ever feeling like I am done. As a result, I have had to deal with burnout due to my failure to draw necessary boundaries and through neglecting the Sabbath principle of rest.
In early Jewish history, they actually killed you if you worked on the Sabbath day! The weekly day of rest was that sacred. Nowadays, we just kill ourselves ... by never stopping and continually being on the go, addicted to our work. 
This message is not for everyone. Some people need to get off their backsides and get to work. Laziness is just a big of an issue in society as workaholism. But for those of us who love our work, there are dangers in the air. 
So, do you really need MORE work?
Take a moment to read the story of the fisherman ... and think about what you really want out of life.