Personal Impact



There is a lot of talk today about leadership and management. Both are important but what is the difference?

There is a story I heard many years ago that really helped me:

There are this group of people cutting through a jungle. The managers are there co-ordinating everything – the rosters, machete sharpening, the drinks breaks, mosquito spray, sun lotion, first aid. It’s all happening. The leader is the person who climbs a tree, looks around and shouts, “Oops, wrong jungle!” But the managers say, “But, we’re making such great progress!”

You know, you might be moving along really fast … but if you are going in the wrong direction, it doesn’t help.

It’s so easy to be ruled by the clock – how fast we are moving. Every now and then we need to take out a compass – and check our direction.

Management is very much about efficiency (“doing things right”) while leadership is about effectiveness (“doing the right things”).

Is it time for you to climb a tree? What direction is your life going, your team, your family, your business, your career?

Leadership … think about it.