Spiritual Disciplines - Growing Spiritually (Part 4)
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Spiritual Disciplines - Growing Spiritually (Part 5)


Another spiritual discipline ...

5. Serving. A very important discipline is the discipline of ‘serving’. It helps us to work hard against our ingrained bent towards self-centredness. Naturally, we’d all prefer to ‘be served’ than to ‘serve’. However, in the kingdom of God, God calls us all to be servants – to take on the nature of Christ and to choose to serve others, willingly and joyfully (Mt.20:25-28. 1 Cor.12:7. 1 Pet.4:10). We are called to serve - at home, at work or school, in our neighbourhood and in our church family.

When we don’t adopt the posture of a servant we continue to live life centred on ourselves and as a result we can tend to become self-absorbed, proud and unattractive people. When we choose to serve, we please God by imitating him, we make a difference in the lives of others and we position ourselves for growth in humility, character and genuine love.

Reflection Questions

  1. Consider the difference between the concepts of ‘trying’ and ‘training’.
  2. What do you think of when you hear the term ‘spiritual disciplines’?
  3. Jesus intended for his disciples to know the fullness of his joy. Is being a Christian seen as a joyful experience by the world today? If not, why not and what can be done about it?
  4. Think about the most impacting prayer time you’ve ever had. What happened?
  5. How does fellowship and relationship with other people help us grow spiritually?
  6. What are the spiritual growth benefits of serving?
  7. Out of the five disciplines discussed so far, which one spoke the most to you? What could make the biggest different in your spiritual growth? Is it … celebration, prayer, the Bible, fellowship or serving?

So far we have looked at five common spiritual disciplines that can help us grow spiritually - celebration, prayer, the Bible, fellowship and serving. These are all disciplines of ‘engagement’ - things we ‘do’ to help us grow spiritually. They are all ‘action orientated’. Next, we will look at another five spiritual disciplines that will also be a help to us.

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