The Race of Life (Part 3)
Overcoming Worry

The Race of Life (Part 4)


How is Your Race Going?

4. Are You Detoured?

Sometimes we take a wrong turn. We're going the wrong way. We might even be lost. Even Jesus said that there is a wide road that seems attractive but it doesn’t always lead to life.
Think of the prodigal Son who left home for the bright lights of the city only to end up in a pigsty. Thankfully, he came to his senses and made a decision to get back on the right road by returning home.
Think of Jonah. He intentionally went the opposite direction that God told him to. A storm got his attention, not from the devil but one of his own making, with God seeking to get his attention.
Is it time for a U-turn? Don’t wallow in self-pity. Get up and get back on the right road. 

So, how's your race?

Are you going strong? 

Are you slowing down, maybe because of fatigue, uncertainty or lost passion?

Have you stopped, maybe because of tragedy, personal failure or discouragement?

Are you detoured? 


I’ve been in ALL these conditions in my race! But where are YOU right now? Yesterday is gone forever, tomorrow is never guaranteed. Where are YOU right now? We can be at different places in different areas of our life. Thankfully, things can change in a moment! Wherever you are, God’s desire is for you to win - to finish the race he has given you to run.

Read God Sent You To Finish This Race

Then read The Race, a poem about a children’s race.

My prayer for you today is that, wherever you may be in your race, you will be encouraged to keep running and that we will be part of communities of faith where we continually cheer one another one in our journey.