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How to Be a Courageous Leader (Pt.2)

Four Kinds of Churches


There are four kinds of churches in the world today:

  1. The Museum Church. They are old and beautiful but empty (like the picture above). No one goes there. They are showpieces of past. Sadly, there is no spiritual vitality within their ancient walls.
  2. The Maintenance Church. These churches are a little better. They are almost empty ... but hanging on. Their mission is to survive, to maintain amidst the many drastic social changes. They refuse to change, members are dying off. Sadly, they too will soon become a Museum Church.
  3. The Ministry Church. These churches pursue Christian ministry to people within their walls. They have a full calendar of activities … Sunday worship (with free coffee and donuts), Bible studies, prayer meetings, good youth group, weekly choir, holiday services, summer camps, fellowship dinners. A quality staff of loving pastors and devoted members deliver its full-service programs. But there is no contact with people outside the church. They would rather stay securely this side of the Jordan than to cross into uncharted territory and engage in conversation.
  4. The Mission Church. These kinds of churches offer full service ministry, caring for their members, AND they reach out to serve their community, their city and other nations - sharing the good news of Jesus and taking his command to GO seriously. They go OUT the church door and INTO the world (locally and globally). They are actively crossing the street and going into the world.

What kind of church is yours?