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Mothers - Love Them While You Can!

1 Oma with Conners


To all the mums out there, Happy Mother's Day!

We wouldn't be here without you. What amazing people you are. My mother passed away over 25 years ago now and I still miss her.

Nicole's mother, affectionately known as 'Oma' passed away 7 years ago and we still really miss her. Mothers are very special people!

The photo to above is an old one of my dad and mum (in the red top), and Nicole's dad and mum (light blue top)]

Here are the lyrics to a song I heard many years ago called Love Them While You Can by Chris Christian (available from the iTunes store).

[Vs.1] They tied our shoes, took us to school, patched our worn-out jeans

They soothed our tears and calmed our fears, and listened to our dreams

Somewhere along their golden years, their hair has lost its sheen

The notes to hymn one hundred ten crackle when they sing

And now they are alone, no children's voices fill their empty homes

[Chorus] We must love them while we can, we must love them while we can

For time just seems to hurry by, and the days slip into years

And the moments that we have will disappear

So love them while we can

[Vs.2] The folks that taught us our first words, still have much to say

The silver secrets of the world, lie beneath those crowns of grey

As they approach the end, we change our role from children to best friend

[Bridge] We always thought they'd be around Until the end of time

Until day we wake and find ...

[Chorus] We must love them while we can, we must love them while we can

For time just seems to hurry by, and the days slip into years

And the moments that we have will disappear

So love them while we can


My grandma was like a mum to me, she passed away 21 years ago. She refused to accept Christ as her Saviour, so we must pray all the harder for those we love, lest we never ever get to see them again.

Thank you for the old song Mark. It's very meaningful and brought tears to my eyes.
It must be hard for you on Mother's Day. I'm really missing my mum too. She died tragically when I was only 15.

This song played in our wedding reception video July 1986. My father had just passed away in April. This song and a slide show was the way we kept him present in our hearts on our special day. Mother misses him so very much and I do too. One of my closest friends is by her fathers bedside today.. he will be with my father soon. We should love all the precious people in our lives every moment we can.

This is such a beautiful tribute to not only our moms and dads but our grandmas and grandpas. My mom went to heaven at the young age of 49 but I was blessed to have my daddy until 2006. I miss them very much. Parents are a special treasure...

Sooooo true. My mom and dad have both passed away in the last 5 years. I regret how much I took having them with me, for granted. I miss them more all the time.
We look forward to being with them and Jesus someday.
If you still have your parents please do LOVE THEM WHILE YOU CAN.

My mom passed away March 21, 2011, at just over 90 ears old. Alheimer's Disease took its toll on another human. She is in heaven as she trusted Christ as her Savior 35+ years ago so there will be a gathering one day! Maranatha, Lord.

Sounds like she lived a full life, Cliff. Yes, our hope is in the future when we will re-unite with our loved ones.

God bless

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