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An Open Letter to Prime Minister Tony Abbot re Treatment of Asylum Seekers

The Exchange TV

Rob-christie-buckingham-exchange1Good friends of ours, Rob and Christie Buckingham (pastors of Bayside Church here in Melbourne), host The Exchange, an interactive TV program that engages with a variety of current issues, including parenting, technology, dealing with loss, the sexualisation of children, and domestic violence. 

The Exchange is like meeting with your friends in a coffee shop and discussing everyday stuff that affects us. It’s a half hour chat show that aims to share ideas on relationships, parenting, finance, wellbeing and social justice. Each week co-hosts Rob and Christie Buckingham invite guests around their table to get their take on a particular issue. The Exchange reporter Sandra Cavallo also hits the streets and finds out what the Australian public thinks.

The show is aired on Channel 31 and Foxtel's Australian Christian Channel. You can also watch episodes online. These can be a great tool and resource for small group discussion.

Worth checking out!