Proverbs 20
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Re-Dig the Wells


In the introduction to our HOME series this last weekend, I shared with our church about an Old Testament story where Isaac had to re-dig the wells his father had initially opened up but that had been filled with debris by his enemies (Genesis 26:15-18). He also took time to dig new wells of fresh water.

I was encouraged to hear this same story referred to in our combined churches Church Unite prayer and worship event last Sunday and also hear of God speaking about this to other ministries in our city. That's the trouble having the same Holy Spirit! He seems to speak similar things at similar times to different groups and individuals. Of course, the confirmation emphasises the importance of the word.

Water speaks of the life of the Spirit. It's a called to increased spiritual vitality. For that to happen we each have to re-dig our wells and ensure nothing is blocking God’s life in us, lest we become spiritually dry and of no use to anyone. You are the keeper of your spring.

Some Reflection Questions

1. What could be blocking the life of the Spirit in your heart and life right now? Make a list. Maybe it's discouragement, apathy, disappointment, fear, or the distraction of other things.

2. What steps can you take to unblock these areas? Is there someone else who could help?

3. Can you think of a time when the work of the Holy Spirit was flowing strongly in your life? What the evidence (for example, the fruit or the gifts of the Spirit)? What were some of the contributing factors?

4. How can you position yourself for a greater flow of God's Spirit right now? What spiritual practices (such as prayer, Bible reading, meditation, praying in the Spirit, church involvement, service, etc) do you need to lean into at this time? 

5. Spend some time praying for a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit, that you will be anointed with 'fresh oil' (Psalm 92:10. NKJV) for this season of your life.

6. Become a well-digger for others. Who can you encourage today in their spiritual life? Be an influence for God - right where you are.