Australian Christian Book of the Year 2014
Proverbs 4

Wisdom from Proverbs


When I was a teenager, I lived in Portland, Oregon with my family and attended Bible Temple Church, now City Bible. My youth pastor at the time was Wendell Smith. Wendell had a huge impact on my life as a young person trying to discover God and my own purpose in life.

Wendell encouraged all of us as young people to read a Proverb a day based on the date of the month. That way we would read through the book of Proverbs 12 times each year, gaining much wisdom for our lives as young people. I probably did this for 3-4 years and this saturation of my mind and heart withGod's  wisdom from the Scriptures greatly shaped my values and behaviours.

Tomorrow is the first day of a new month. Why not give it a try. Find a good, contemporary translation. Read slowly. Underline, highlight or take a few notes. Allow this wisdom to shape your prayers for the day. Watch what happens ...