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Noah: The Movie


Last night, my family and I attended a preview of the new movie Noah starring Russell Crowe [trailer]. Without doubt it is a well-made movie, with amazing affects and some star actors. However, the treatment of the storyline was disappointing from my perspective and I came away feeling like the movie was a combination of themes and ideas from Lord of the Rings and Transformers ... with a big double rainbow finish. 

No doubt it will generate a lot of discussion and that's a good thing. Reviews so far indicate that those looking for a fully accurate biblical story are upset while others are rating it highly as a movie experience in its own right. It is interesting how Bible stories and themes are becoming popular in Hollywood at the moment. Charisma News recently declared 2014 "the year of the Bible."

For some thoughts and reflections on Noah and the biblical Flood Story, see my BLOG post last year on Never Again (audio version) which was part of our ORIGINS teaching series.