My Poetry

A Very Different World

NyCars replace donkeys
The pub over the synagogue
Image over character
Looks trump who you are
Crowded yet lonely
Advanced yet stunted
Welcome to our world

Yet people are still the same
Hungry and thirsty
For meaning and friendship
God is still the same too
Speaking through burning bushes
When people take time to look

Busy, busy, always in a hurry
Faster than ever before 
Distraction, obsession, boredom 
Attention deficit disorder 
Quickly moving on to what's next
Hardly noticing … no time

Packed but empty lives
More turns out to be less 
Slow is actually fast 
And less is really more 
Simplicity calls 
To love and be loved 
That's all …

A very different world.

[Mark Conner - January 22nd, 2014]

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