7 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders - #4 Build Your Team
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7 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders - #5 Innovate

LeadIt is so easy to become busy managing what currently exists, that we fail to take time to improve what we’re doing let alone consider doing things differently or doing new things. As leaders, we must work on tomorrow not just keep up with today. This is what innovation is all about. 

We serve a creative God who, though he never changes in his character, has designed a world full of variety and freshness (Gen.1:1). We are created in his image (Gen.1:26). It is important that we seek to make your ministry fresh and alive. Always ask, “Is there a better way?” Admit where things are no longer working and make appropriate changes (Mk.2:1-5).

One definition of “entertainment” is “to capture and keep people’s attention.” Jesus did this in his teaching through creative stories and examples. God is not boring and therefore we need to present the truth of the gospel and the Christian life as one of joy and positive expectation even in the midst of the routines of daily living. If we are not attracting a crowd, then we need to rethink how we are doing ministry. The message we have never changes, but the methods we use need to be constantly updated to be relevant to each generation and group of people we are endeavouring to reach.

Management expert Peter Drucker says that both management and entrepreneurship are essential in any organisation. Both are always needed at the same time and both have to be co-ordinated and work together. Not to innovate is the single largest reason for the decline of existing organisations. Not to know how to manage is the single largest reason for the failure of new ventures. We must not just manage the existing but innovate the new and the different. 

Change is the only certain in today’s fast paced environment. Accept that it will always be with us. Change is never over – it’s constant! See change as an opportunity not a threat. Talk about it in a positive way and help people to not be afraid of it. Great organisations continually preserve the core (the mission and core values) and stimulate progress.

Putting Legs on It:

* Set regular times for brainstorming sessions with your team. Think creatively.

* List some creative ways you can do some of the basics of your ministry with new freshness. 

* Think about different or new things you could do to reach more people for Christ.

* Create an atmosphere within your team that says, “Let’s find a better way” and that encourages thinking outside the box. Always be looking for a new idea that will improve or expand your ministry. Don’t get stuck with a mentality that says, “That’s the way we’ve always done it.” New, improved or improving creates fresh momentum.

Regularly ask yourself, “What’s working well and why?” and “What’s not working and why?”

Prov.18:15. Intelligent people are always open to new ideas. In fact, they look for them. NLT