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Evangelism and Mission

Jesus commanded his followers to go into all the world and preach the good news. This was a geographical and ethnic mandate - to all people groups (Greek ethnos) across the world. It was also a cultural mandate to go into every sector of society (Greek kosmos), which includes the spheres of education, family, religion, business, politics, media, as well as arts and entertainment. Click here to access a variety of posts on this theme, including subjects such as: evangelism for non-evangelists, incarnational mission, marketplace ministries, justice, community surveys, defining the gospel, apologetics, and world missions. May you be inspired... Read more →

A Fresh Look at Religion

With the recent Global Atheists Convention in Melbourne, it's worthwhile thinking about religion, including science and faith. Some people think that religion is dangerous and has done a lot of damage in the world. Obviously, there is an element of truth in that. However, Jesus never came to start a religion and his intention was never to produce the kind of violence and hatred that characterises so much of a number of religious movements today. On my BLOG I have some articles about science and faith, as well as an interesting series of faith looking at C.S. Lewis' journey to... Read more →

Techonology Tools for Effectiveness

Technology, love it or hate it, it's part of our lives. For me, it can either be a great servant or a cruel task-master. The key is whether you are serving it or it is serving you. It's a matter of control and setting boundaries (something I'm stilling working on!). I love certain types of technology that makes life easier and enables me to organise the many spinning plates in my world so they don't all crash. On my BLOG, I have written a number of posts about technology that I find helpful, with topics such as: computer software, phone... Read more →

Thinking about Spirituality

God created us as spirit beings, with a soul (mind, will and emotions), living in a physical body. Life should be lived 'inside out' yet so often we get caught up in the physical and/or emotional aspects of our world. It's time to go a little deeper - into our heart and our spirit. Our spirit is the part of us that can connect with and experience God. The writer of the book of Proverbs describes it as the candle of the Lord (Prov.20:27). In our time, religion seems to be out of favour, while spirituality is in - all... Read more →

Developing Yourself

I am passionate about personal development. God's gift to us is our potential. Our gift back to him is what we do with it. Cemeteries are filled with undeveloped potential and dreams that never grew legs. Don't add to those statistics. Grab a hold of why you are here on the planet - your calling - then give yourself wholly to being the best you can be for God. The world will be a better place if you do. Being your best is not about competing or comparing yourself with others. It's about being the best you can be in... Read more →

Learning Leadership

It is often said that everything rises and falls on leadership. No doubt, there is a lot of truth in that statement. Any time you find something good happening, you can usually trace it back to a leader who is leading well. Any time you find something falling apart, you can usually trace is back to the absence of a leader or a leader who is leading poorly. This is true in the family, the local community, the church, in business and in the nation. The debates continues as to whether leaders are born or made. Of course, all leaders... Read more →