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Growing in the Dark

DarkJesus clearly explained to his followers that in this life there would be a good deal of challenges and difficulties (John 16:33). However, they were to not be overwhelmed by them knowing that they can overcome and continue to live with God's peace and joy, regardless of the circumstances. This perspective on trials of all kinds is emphasised by all of the New Testament writers (see Acts 14:22James 1:2-41 Peter 1:6-9). 

As we journey through this life of faith as disciples of Jesus Christ, some of our growing will be in the dark. We all face times and seasons when we aren't sure where God is or what he is up to. We can't see very clearly. We don't have God's full perspective so we have to trust that he is in control and working things together for our ultimate good - which is the formation of Christlikeness in us (Rom.8:28-29).

Click here to read an excellent article from Christianity Today on what some people refer to as the "dark night of the soul" and some lessons from those who have walked this path. For an even more indepth article by John Coe on this topic, click here.

Thankfully, even when we walk or sit in times of darkness, the Lord promises to be a light to us (Micah 7:8).  


Hi Mark

This series has been much needed and I have found it very helpful. There is a song by a young girl Heather Williams which says it really well.
She has been through "Dark times" and this song expresses that "God is still God" no matter what happens.

Thanks Andrea

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