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An Excellent Study Opportunity in Australia

Acom I am commited to life-long learning and have thoroughly enjoyed the formal studies I have done over the years (an MA in Theology with Ridley College and a Doctor of Ministry degree with Fuller Theological Seminary). 

There are many excellent training colleges in Australia including the Australian College of Ministries (ACOM) has a partnership with Fuller Theological Seminary where students can do the course while staying in Australia with only one two-week trip to the USA.  Students then learn in the context of their own ministry, with course work from the likes of Dallas Willard, Arch Hart, Mark Conner, Keith Farmer, Kim Zovak, Richard Blackaby and many more. This is a fantastic program that practically equips Christian leaders to wrestle well with issues of leadership, culture and mission, all with a strong theological foundation.

Upcoming classes in Australia include:


     Empowering Leaders through Coaching, Kim Zovak, October 24-28th


     Homiletic Development, Allan Demond, March 19-23rd

     Spiritual Leadership, Richard Blackaby, August 13-17th

     Character Shaped Leadership, Keith Farmer October 2-4th

     The Dynamics of Leading a Contemporary Church, Mark Conner, October 23-25th

Plus the National Youth Ministry Convention, Hillsong and Willow Creek Global Leadership Summits can all be used for independent units.

Please note, that if you would like to enrol in the class “Homiletic Development” March 19-23, 2012, you would need to have completed your D Min course application by Aug 10, 2010.

To discover more about this course, please visit the ACOM website here or contact Stephen Parker on 1800 672 692 or


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