How will it all END (Pt.4)?
How will it all END (Pt.6)?

How will it all END (Pt.5)?

End world Things to Occur AFTER the Second Coming

1. Judgement and reward for believers. There are two judgements – one for believers, the judgement seat of Christ, which is not about salvation but about reward for the “good works” we have done (2 Cor.5:10).

[One area of debate amongst end time theologians is when the ‘millennium’ spoken about in Rev.20:1-6 will be. The ‘millennium’ is a 1000 year period where believers will rule and reign with Christ on the earth as a reward for their faithfulness. Some people believe we are in the millennium now and therefore that it occurs before the second coming (post-millennialists). Some people believe that it does not refer to a literal period of time but rather is symbolic of the entire period between the first and second comings of Christ (a-millennialists). Still others believe it will occur after the second coming (pre-millennialists). The challenge for all interpreters is that Rev.20 is the only explicit reference of the millennium in the NT and there is no mention of the relation of the second coming to the millennium in the actual text (whether it is before or after). Personally, I don’t think we’re in it now (you call this rest?). I tend to think it will be after the second coming but even that view has some challenges. So, this is not a subject anyone can be dogmatic about because there are too many unknowns]

2. Judgement of the devil. The devil will be judged and cast into a lake of fire for eternity. See Rev.20:10. This judgment has been a long time coming being prophesied about in Gen.3:15 and initially enacted by the work of Jesus on the cross and his subsequent resurrection.

3. Eternity in either heaven or hell (based on our choices in life). There will be a judgment for unbelievers, the great white throne judgement where the book of life will be opened. Those who names are not in the book of life will be cast into a lake of fire (Rev.20:11-15) where the devil and his angels are. The ungodly will spend eternity in hell with the devil.

The godly, those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, will live forever in heaven with the Lord (Rev.21:27). Heaven will be a place like nothing we have ever experienced – more wonderful than we could ever think or imagine.

God’s heart is that no one ‘perish’ but that all have an opportunity to receive forgiveness and eternal life (2 Pet.3:9). Hell was made for the devil not for people. God does not wish anyone to end up in hell, that’s why he sent his Son.

4. The creation of a new heavens and a new earth. See 2 Peter 3:1-13. Rev.21.

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Excellent Mark! Agree with you. Yes, it IS our CHOICE where we will spend Eternity. Isn't it? God knows ALL those who will reject His Son Jesus beforehand, but just because He knows does not mean that He does not desire ALL to be saved. It's a personal choice. Right now we are living in a period of dispensation of Grace. God in His mercy and love is patiently giving mankind enough time to REPENT and turn to Him before that great and terrible Day of the Lord comes! Next time Jesus will come as Judge, as you said. My son James and I went out on a date recently and watched the 2012 movie, while my car was being serviced back east. Really gripping stuff! Sure does make one think about what the Bible speaks of as being the 'end times.' We had a lovely conversation over lunch. MMmmm... Thank you Mark for this awesome series which challenges ones thinking. The question each one needs to ask oneself is... Where do I want to spend Eternity? MMmmm... It's our choice!

Harold Camping just does not give up! The man who warned Judgement Day would come at the weekend says his prophecy was off by 5 months! Now he says it will in fact come on October 21st. At the rate he's going, he'll be right ONE DAY! :)

Just wondering where it says the unrighteous will suffer eternal torment? Eternal life for believers is biblical, but not eternal damnation... Yes they will burn, but only for a short time.

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