Australia Day 2011
The Power of Gratitude

The Year 2011

Unknown This year will be an interesting one ... in many ways.

We have four unusual dates:

1. 1/1/11

2. 1/11/11

3. 11/1/11

4. 11/11/11

Then for something really different ...

1. Take the last two digits of the year you were born ... 

2. Add that number to the age you will be this year ...

3. Together they add up to 111!

So there you go ... I was born in 61 and turn 50 this year = 111


Interesting...that last observation.
Doesn't work though if you are born in the noughties. They all add up to 11 instead.

Hmmm,so many issues... (Egypt,UFOs in Jerusalem, Christianity, Islam) so few blogs....

Cool. And another one: 20/11/2011

Not to mention today's date : 11/02/2011 which is the same backwards and forwards :0) Is it still a palindrome if it's in numbers?

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