REVEAL Survey (Part 2)
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REVEAL Survey (Part 3)

Reveal Twelve bonus discoveries were made from the survey:

  1. Growing up in a church is the leading reason people begin to explore Christianity. Other reasons relate to personal feelings of emptiness or struggle.
  2. People begin attending their church primarily because of a personal relationship or recommendation.
  3. Expressions of gratitude toward God and dependence on God rise dramatically across the spiritual continuum.
  4. People’s feelings/attitudes about the importance of spiritual practices in their daily lives advance significantly along the spiritual continuum.
  5. People openly acknowledge that significant barriers, like addictions or emotional issues, impede their spiritual growth.
  6. As they advance along the spiritual continuum, people express a growing need for a spiritual community that “holds me accountable.”
  7. There are many reasons why people serve, but most importantly they feel it is an expression of their faith.
  8. The number one evangelistic activity for most segments is talking about prayer or offering to pray for non-Christians.
  9. More than half of those surveyed said that they used the Internet at some point in the last year to advance their spiritual growth.
  10. The Stalled and Dissatisfied segments are significantly more likely to say they are considering leaving their church.
  11. Six church attributes are most important to people, although satisfaction levels vary considerably (provides compelling worship services, helps me develop a personal relationship with Christ, challenges me to take the next steps in my spiritual life, helps me understand the Bible in greater depth, helps me feel like I belong, and helps me find a spiritual mentor). .
  12. People say weekend services are important to their spiritual growth, and they especially appreciate the singing/worship experience.

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The material in these three BLOG posts has been summarized from the book REVEAL: Where Are You? by Greg L. Hawkins, Cally Parkinson and Eric Arnson (Willow Creek Resources: Barrington, IL, 2007). See also


Thanks Mark for the summary of the REVEAL Survey which relates so closely to our recent church survey. As I am one of the life group leaders about to begin my DMin research project next year, I see the great opportunity for me to consider using REVEAL Survey for my project.

Thanks for sharing this Mark. I just love the way Bill Hybels allows vulnerability to mark his leadership. I have really enjoyed this peek into Reveal. One of the single most helpful things for me at CityLife was commencing the Bible Plan when we joined. I have encouraged so many of my friends (other churches) to get on board and it has had wonderful effects, naturally. I appreciate the reminders or anecdotes from current reading each week. That has prompted me at times when I've let it slip for a couple of days. I may be a bit biased, but I love our church :0)

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