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LightFM - Melbourne Radio

Unknown-13 LightFM has been functioning as a fully fledged radio in Melbourne for 8 years now. Latest research indicates that 473,000 people listen each week - about half of whom have no Christian connection. This places them in the top 10 of all radio stations in Melbourne. It is a family-friendly radio station seeking to provide a positive alternative for radio listeners. 

One listener recently said, "LightFM is more than just a radio station, it is a friend when we are lonely, a family when family is not around. A place where hope, joy, love, compassion, laguhter can be found, a place where lsiteners want to be; a place they can't and don't want to live without."

Check out LightFM on 89.9 FM and visit their web site here. Why not listen in and also consider making a financial donation to this excellent ministry to our city.


i listen to light fm almost exclusively in the car (its good to get away from the bad language and materialism of some other (most) stations), its a pity though that they are not able to have as much advertising time as other radio stations and as a consequence have to raise money from the public
God bless Peter

I love Light FM, but I have to admit that during their money raising times, I tend to switch off. I support them financially but I just can't listen during their fund raising times. I have quite often been reduced to tears by songs while driving (not recommended) and the Lord has often spoken quite clearly to me through a 'random' song as I drive. It's a wonderful resource. It's also one of the only stations that my car picks up in Cockatoo!

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