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It Was on The Cross

Unknown-12 Quite a number of years ago I read a letter from a person very involved in the publication of worship choruses. They noted that there seemed to be less and less songs about the cross and the blood of Jesus - those aspects that are central to our faith as Christians. I was a little less involved in worship leading or song-writing at the time but I remember immediately going to the piano and writing a song ... one that came quicker than any other I had every written. 

The song is called "It was on the Cross." It was recorded by our church back in 1992. Click here to listen to the audio, with the lead vocal sung by Judson Field (with narration by Keith White and yours truly playing the piano).

The following recent quote is sobering and reminds us of the importance to keeping the cross of Christ central in our churches and our lives. 

"In a strange twist, the preaching of the cross is now foolishness, not only to the world but also to the contemporary church." [Steven J. Lawson]

Like the apostle Paul may we say ... "As for me, may I never boast about anything except the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ." [Gal.6:14] 

Here are the words of the song ...



It was on the cross that You set me free

It was on the cross that You bled for me

It was on the cross that You died for me, redeeming my life


Thank You, Jesus, for Calvary

Thank You, Jesus, for loving me

Thank You, Jesus, for giving me

Your eternal life. Thank You for the cross


It was on the cross that You took my place

It was on the cross, Your Father hid His face

It was on the cross, You displayed Your grace, forgiving my sin


It was on the cross, You wore a crown of thorns

It was on the cross that the veil was torn

It was on the cross that new life was born, fulfilling Your plan

[Words and Music by Mark Conner - 1992]

Click here for a copy of the words and music. 


A great reminder of the centrality of the cross and a beautiful song....thanks!

Have always loved this song and have been looking for the lyrics and the audio for a while now, still can't get the audio but thank you so much for the lyrics, a true worship song, love singing it and playing it on the piano... God bless you always.

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