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Phil Baker and Riverview Church

Unknown-6 Phil and Heather Baker have been good friends of our for many years now. Phil has an amazing mind, an articulate vocabulary, a passionate heart, a witty sense of humour, and a genuine love for people. He has been the Senior Minister of Riverview Church for many years. Heather is a quiet achiever with a big heart for people. She is a gifted leader and speaker in her own right. 

Some of you may not be aware that Phil fell seriously ill while travelling overseas in June of last year. After some tests, it was discovered that Phil had a large tumour on his brain. An operation following in which the tumour was successfully removed. Phil's recovery continues, however, he has developed what is referred to as expressive dysphasia and dyspraxia. The expressive dysphasia is currently impacting to a limited extent on Phil’s use of spoken language. The dyspraxia is currently impacting on Phil’s ability to plan and carry out everyday/ordinary tasks and has been compounded by some sight impairment. However, the medical team is pleased with his improvement so far. The fact that he has now been able to return home is testament to that improvement. [For further details about Phil's journey, click here]

Having just spent some personal time with Phil and Heather, I can only commend them to you and ask you to support them in prayer. Heather has been a pillar of strength as she has moved into a primary carer role for Phil. Phil is making very good progress but it will take time for his full recovery.

Riverview Church is in remarkable health. The way that Hayden Nelson and the leadership team have stepped up during this time and the way that the congregation has rallied together is nothing short of amazing. They have supported Phil and Heath during this tough season while continuing to pursue their mission of reaching out to Perth and beyond. 

"Father, pour out your grace and strength on Phil and Heather at this time. May it be more than enough for all that they need. We pray for Phil's complete healing and a full recovery. Let his voice be heard again, inspiring and encouraging people in Perth and beyond. May glory come to your name through their story. Amen."


That is incredibly sad and I hope that his recovery progresses well.

Thanks for letting us know so we can pray. May the revelation of God's grace in their lives be more than they were able to anticipate.

Today I prayed for Phillip and his family and have shed loads of joyfull tears in the process. I took hold of the authority transferred to us by Jesus the head of the church to us the body of the church and claimed his complete recovery.
Ephesians 1:18-23

Still keeping Phil and Family in prayer here in Canada. May the Lord continue to complete your healing.
Andrea R.

I used to watch Phil all the time. Did not go to church but some how this guy could really hold my attention every Sunday morning on TV. I think of him often, and hope he is doing well.

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