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Happy Father's Day!

A Good Father

Dad (2) Dads, your kids need you and its never to late to start being a better father. Fathering is a vital, honorable, and essential part of the fabric of human life.

In his book Five Signs of a Loving Family, author Gary Chapman outlines a few signs of a good father. Here they are:

  1. A good father is active in his fathering. He actively seeks to be involved in his child’s life and initiates such involvement. Don't leave it to chance.
  2. A good father makes time to be with his children. He doesn’t give them the leftovers. Don't spend time with your children out of a sense of guilt or obligation, but because it feeds your soul and is a job you are proud of doing well. Where we spend out time is a reflection of our priorities - what is important to us.
  3. A good father engages his children in conversation. He builds intimacy through two-way communication. Share your life with your children and ask them good questions about what is happening in their world.
  4. A good father plays with his children. He creates laughter, fun, and pleasure.
  5. A good father teaches his values. He teaches about what is important in life. Train your child in the way he or she should go (Proverbs 22:6). This involves modeling values and character to your children. Discipline your children lovingly when necessary. Don’t be a wimpish father who leaves the discipline to the mother or worse yet, undermines her discipline. Be an equal partner in discipline. If a father is doing his bit, the mother relaxes, feels supported, and is less cold and harsh as a result. Get involved!
  6. A good father provides for and protects his children.
  7. A good father loves his children unconditionally. Boys and girls need affirmation and admiration from their fathers. They needs lots of encouragement - it's like oxygen to the soul. They also need forgiveness when they fail. Treat them with respect. Honour and value them. Treat them as precious.

Dads, we need you!


Your literary grace intoxicating! It is not bear to forget! Fascinated by your blog! Well you can make friends?

My dad died in my teenage years and I still miss him a lot. Glad though God is the Father of the fatherless!

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