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Unknown-2This coming Saturday is the Australian 2010 federal election. An election is an important time in the life of any nation and this one is no different. At our church, we do not tell people how to vote or who to vote for. We do, however, encourage each individual to pray, to conduct some research about the values and policies of each candidate and political party, then to vote in an informed manner as responsible Australian citizens and as followers of Christ.

The Australian Christian Lobby have helped us prepare to vote by conducting an extensive research project of each political party. Visit their web site here. My blog has also contained a number of posts on a variety of election-related issues. The Comments section has also had some interesting dialog. Thank you to all those who have contributed. 

Visit the Australian Electoral Commission web site for extensive information about this election and for details as to where you can vote this coming Saturday, August 21st.

My prayer ... "Father, thank you for this great nation of Australia. May each person vote in an informed manner this coming Saturday so that the best government is elected for this next season in our history. May Australia continue to be a great place to live, to raise a family, and to share our faith with others. Let your will be done. Amen." 



I have read your blogs and the various comments over the last week or so with great interest Mark. Thanks for encouraging us to payerfully consider all of the issues and make an informed decision!

Nice Prayer Mark. A great way of rounding off your political posts.

Hi Mark, I really appreciate you not telling me how to vote. I got forwarded an email from someone who told me how to vote and it seemed inappropriate. Following up their beliefs they were also critical of your choice of words with regard to Julia Gillard but i appreciate the ethics you employ by providing the links to info and letting blog enabling blog readers to decide for themselves. I know the election is important spiritually but its painful hearing people put the stamp of their interpretation on the situation and then telling you you must not have a good relationship with Jesus if you vote any other way. laaame! i can think of reasons why christians could prefer parties opposite to his choice. Also they put your churches email and phone up for like minded people to complain. Please inform callers that some people actually appreciate the wide berth Mark has given to the voter and that some people see his as a more Godly representation of the boundaries between someone who holds an office in the church and the people he has the power to influence.

talkin ofcourse about Danny Naliahs email sent to me by christian friends..

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