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The Dead Sea

Dead Sea During our tour of Israel earlier this year, we visited the Dead Sea. It is an amazing body of water. It is 67 x 18 kilometres in size at it widest points, and it is over 400 metres below sea level. The reason it is called 'dead' is because there is inflow but no outflow. As a result, there is no life in this sea - no fish and no plants (except bacteria). What an interesting metaphor for our lives. We all need infloJosiah - Dead Seaw - God's life flowing into us day by day - but also need outflow - giving, serving and helping others. When we don't have this balance in our lives, we become stagnant and, as it where, 'dead' on this inside, bringing no life to others.


The Dead Sea is comprised of one third salt (maybe a little left over the from the judgment of Sodom nearby back in Abraham's time?).  That's a lot of salt (8.6 times more salty than the average sea). As a result, you can virtually float on the top of the water with little or no effort. What is fun, is to cover yourself with some black mud from the shore area (full of minerals), then soak in the water util it all washes off. it is quite an experience.


To the right is a picture of our oldest son, Josiah - with mud all over ... about to go for a Dead Sea float!


Josiah probably does not want to know that apparently East Jerusalem's sewage flows untreated into the Dead Sea- I read this recently on the blog of an author who lives in Israel- why you might ask? Oh, because the Arab Israelis can never agree on anything the Jewish Israelis propose- that would be tantamount to treason. This is why such an environmental disaster continues unchecked. It is also apparently why there is no functioning public swimming pool in East Jerusalem which apparently contributes to an abnormally high number of Arabic children drowning every year in the Meditteranean- they can't swim.

Such is the city of peace- aren't you glad you don't have to live there!



PS Bet the tour guide didn't tell you about the sewage prior to your swim in the Dead Sea!

the dead sea is one of the finalists on the new7wonders campaign, and in order to celebrate the nomination there's a new website: and a facebook group that keeps you posted:

I remember seeing a sign at the Dead Sea warning about getting the water in your mouth and eyes. And the taste of the sea spray on my lips was absolutely indescribably putrid! But it was a great experience and an amazing place in such a history-rich area.

The Dead Sea is technically a lake, and is known as the lowest point on earth. It has been recognized for centuries as a center for wellness and health, thanks to the low air pollution and temperate climate.:)

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