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Revised Edition of Transforming Your Church

Cover Pic (small)revised edition of my book Transforming Your Church has just been released. It has a new chapter, new and revised material in all other chapters, and five new appendices covering topics such as church governance, the role of the senior minister, women in leadership, and self care for church leaders.

The book is distributed by WORD Bookstore Australia and can be purchased via their web site. In the USA and a few other countries, a paperback version can be ordered from Amazon. It is also available in eBook format from Amazon.

I pray that this book will continue to be a blessing to many churches and Christian leaders.



I would like to get to Koorong to have a look at your book.

In the meantime, is it possible that you could give us a 'heads up' on what you have written on Church governance.

(Ps. Currently enjoying your podcast series on 'The Simple Life').

Hi Richard. Sure - if you go to the 'church' category on my blog, you will find a post on 'church governnace' which has the core of what I include in my book. Hope that helps!

Thanks mark. Found it here:

Agree with all points. I also think that there should abe a little more emphasis on financial transparency - and responsibility to enforce theological as well as personal integrity. Like you thoughts.

Thanks. :-)

I have to say Mark, that here is a good example of what happens when a Church refuses good governance, is not transparent and refuses to answer basic questions:

In these situations it is difficult to determine whether these are bonefide christian churches or cults.

Hi Lionfish. I didn't realise Joel had a blog. I wonder if he knows what he is getting in to!? Reminds me of some of the conversations on my own blog over the years when the posts get a little on the controversial side :)


Atleast when you or Nic entered into a debate - you had an opinion and some level of justification for responses! Coupled with the humility as a Pastor to look deeply into one particular issue and change your view as I recall. :-)

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