Day 8 of Prayer - The Family
Day 10 of Prayer - Communities

Day 9 of Prayer - the Next Generation

Prayer Each generation has a responsibility to serve God’s purpose for their time in history (see Acts 13:36) and pass on the knowledge of God to the next generation (Psalm 71:18; 78:4-7). That is why children’s and youth ministry are so important within each church community. Pray for our young people – that they will come to know God for themselves, that they will see that God’s ways are best, and that they will discover a sense of purpose for their lives. Pray for parents. Pray for children’s and youth workers, as well as school teachers – for wisdom, grace and insight into each young person’s heart.

“Let each generation tell its children of your mighty acts; let them proclaim your power.” [Psalm 145:4. NLT]


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