Day 10 of Prayer - Communities
Day 12 of Prayer - Nations

Day 11 of Prayer - Cities

Prayer God calls us to pray for the peace of the city in which we live and to seek to be a blessing to it, wherever that may be and no matter how ‘evil’ that city may be. Let’s be more like Abram who even prayed for Sodom that God would preserve it from judgment than Jonah who wanted god to judge Nineveh rather than show it mercy.

Pray for your city – its leaders, its influencers, and its people. Pray for the churches in our city – large and small, traditional and contemporary, evangelical and Pentecostal. Pray for church leaders – for wisdom, grace, courage and protection. Pray for all followers of Christ – that we may be salt and light in our city (Matthew 5:13-16).

“Work for the peace and prosperity of the city where I sent you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, for its welfare will determine your welfare.” [Jeremiah 29:7. NLT]


Thank you Mark for these encouraging and helpful guidelines.
Praying in agreement with you.

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