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How to Connect with God

A few thoughts from this weekend's message about knowing God better ... Jesus told his disciples to “abide” in him (John 15:5). They were to stay “connected” at all times. The apostle Paul’s one goal in life was to “know God” (Phil.3:7-11). His prayer for the church at Ephesus was that they might “know Him better” (Eph.1:15-17). But how do we get closer to God? How can we experience God in a more intimate and meaningful way? Different people give different answers: “Get up early and spend hours in prayer”, “Stay up late and write in a journal for hours”,... Read more →


As we prepare to commence a fourteen day period of prayer, a few comments about fasting seem appropriate. In fasting we choose to intentionally go without something for a period of time (usually something pleasurable but not necessarily sinful). It could be food (in a variety of forms) or some other activity (TV, music, etc). Jesus assumed that his disciples would fast (Matthew 6:16-18) as he himself did (Matthew 4:1-2). Fasting teaches us a lot about ourselves. It quickly reveals how much we are dependent on the pleasure of eating. It also demonstrates how powerful our body is and especially... Read more →

14 Days of Prayer

Prayer is simply conversation with God. It is as important to spiritual life as breathing is to human life. It is an amazing thing that the God of the universe invites as to know him and even to become his friend. Friendship is built through time together and through sharing with each other. God has revealed himself to us – through creation, through the sacred Scriptures, in the person of Jesus Christ, and through his Holy Spirit to those who seek him. For fourteen days (beginning Monday, February 1st), we are encouraging everyone in our church community to invest in... Read more →

Welcome to 2010 ...

Well, it's hard to believe - the first month of 2010 is almost history. It just seems like yesterday that we were about to head into the new millennium and everyone was talking about Y2K. Maybe I'm getting older but time does seem to be moving faster. Here we are another decade on. What a decade the last one has been. TIME magazine called it 'The Decade from Hell' - one of the worst ever ... and when you reflect on it - a lot of bad stuff happened. But we're still here and God is at work continuing to... Read more →

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I pray that this year is one of God's further work in and through each one of our lives. May we live in such a way that brings praise and honour to God's name and to extend his kingdom work in the earth. Thanks again for your interest in this blog over the last year. I am taking a few weeks holidays now so there won't be any new posts until the end of January. With over 500 posts so far on this blog, there is plenty of interesting and inspirational reading material. Click on the... Read more →