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Web Wonders – December 2009

WWW Today we continue with our web wonders recommendations. Check out October and November's lists if you missed them. Here are some more:

  1. CHRISTMAS. Tired of the commericalism of Christmas? Check out Advent Conspiracy for some creative alternative ideas about spending less and giving more.
  2. PARCEL DELIVERY. Want to send something across town, interstate or overseas? Check out Interparcel for excellent rates via their online web site. They'll pick up from your house and even send you the labels ready to print out and attach.
  3. REAL ESTATE. Interesting in buying, selling, renting or investing in property? is the place to go.
  4. CHRISTIANITY. Interested in what's happening within the broader Christian community? Check out Christianity Today's excellent web site.
  5. BIBLE READING. Want to set up your own Bible reading plan? Check out this web site for everything you need to get started.
  6. TRAVEL. Going to another country and aren't sure what electricity current they have or what adapters you need? This web site has all the information. Here's a good currency converter web site too.

Happy surfing!


Dear Pastor,
thanks for the links. I bookmarked:

I just wanna say, I am the person who leave you a message here a year ago (and you emailed me back) share about my son (who struggled with PDD-NOS - autism syndrome) which leads me to not believe in God anymore. And now, it'd been 2 months already when God touch my heart again, and remind me His love. Problem is still there but He gives me back the 1st love I have for Him long time ago when I 1st receive Him as my Savior.
Just wanna share this. :)
Thank u and bless you, pastor!

Hey Mark,

Love your blog - Talking about all things web. We just redesigned our church website.

From your friendly neighbourhood Crossway Communications dude!


Thanks for recommending the Christianity Today site! I've been looking for a reliable Christian website!! It's very useful and has interesting stuff.

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