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Merry Christmas!

Joy to the world, the Lord is come ... With Christmas only a few days away I'd like to take this time to wish each one of your a blessed Christmas. Thanks for your interest in this blog over the last year. I am taking a few weeks holidays now so there won't be any new posts until the end of January. With over 500 posts so far on this blog, there is plenty of interesting and inspirational reading material. Click on the categories to the right and have a browse through ... and of course, the comments section is... Read more →

Growing Faith ...

Faith is not static. It can be measured. The Bible speaks of people with “no faith”, “little faith”, “weak faith”, “dead faith”, “great faith”, “full of faith” and “strong faith”. Of course, even a small amount of faith in God has great power (Luke 17:6). Most importantly, our faith can grow (2 Thess. 1:3. 2 Cor.10:15). The disciples prayed, “Lord, increase our faith” (Luke 17:5). How would you describe your level of faith in God right now – is it high, low or somewhere in between? How can we move our faith in God up to a TEN? 1. Trust... Read more →

What Would Jesus Say to Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods, the world's greatest golfer, has recently been involved in a public scandal after his multiple affairs have come to the surface. His marriage is on the rocks and he has put his golfing career on hold as he tries to repair the damage caused to his family and his public reputation. Decisions have consequences and once trust is broken it is very hard to rebuild. It's a sad story ... whatever way you look at it. What would Jesus say to Tiger? That's an interesting question ... A few ideas may spring to mind such as "Be sure... Read more →


I love to travel. The very atmosphere of airports and airplanes energises me. I love visiting new places and meeting new people. However, my wife doesn’t get quite as excited. In fact, she starts packing a few weeks ahead of time, just to make sure she’s got everything she needs. I tend to pack in the last minute. You know, as we travel through our journey of life we all tend to carry various sorts of baggage with us. Some types of personal baggage from our past can become pretty tiring to carry after a while. In fact, the emotional... Read more →

Web Wonders – December 2009

Today we continue with our web wonders recommendations. Check out October and November's lists if you missed them. Here are some more: CHRISTMAS. Tired of the commericalism of Christmas? Check out Advent Conspiracy for some creative alternative ideas about spending less and giving more. PARCEL DELIVERY. Want to send something across town, interstate or overseas? Check out Interparcel for excellent rates via their online web site. They'll pick up from your house and even send you the labels ready to print out and attach. REAL ESTATE. Interesting in buying, selling, renting or investing in property? is the place to... Read more →