Merry Christmas!
Welcome to 2010 ...

Happy New Year!

NY Happy New Year everyone!

I pray that this year is one of God's further work in and through each one of our lives. May we live in such a way that brings praise and honour to God's name and to extend his kingdom work in the earth.

Thanks again for your interest in this blog over the last year. I am taking a few weeks holidays now so there won't be any new posts until the end of January.

With over 500 posts so far on this blog, there is plenty of interesting and inspirational reading material. Click on the categories to the right and have a browse through ... and of course, the comments section is always an interesting read.

Grace and peace!


Happy New Year Mark & Nicole! Many blessings to you and your family for a very fruitful year.

What's happened to the Bible readings for January? :) Still doing them with my group.

Hi Mark,

Blessings for a great year ahead. Thank you for your blog I enjoy reading it and the insights you reveal.

I have a suggestion for this blog, is it possible for you to have a section where you recommend good books to read. In this section you could review them. I remember you mentioned your love for books in church, and I think others would benefit greatly. Also, you could post a book review every so often. This would provide a great discussion point for others to comment.

Happy New Year !

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Happy New Year, pastor Mike!
Have a blessed day! Thanks for all the inspiration!

Has any one else been inspired by Mike lately...?

Nearly the end of January! Can't wait.

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