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Podcast As of this weekend our church is moving all of our weekend messages online and making them available free of charge. We no longer sell CDs or DVDs. Right now there is a library of about 100 messages available. Click here to visit the library.

Messages can be downloaded for listening to either on your computer or your favourite mp3 player. You can also convert them to an audio CD using a program like iTunes.

New messages from this weekend onwards should be up on the web site by about Tuesday noon each week.

We also have a weekly podcast, which is a single selected message from the above library. This is available directly from our web site or via iTunes. Click here for more details.

If you use iTunes, we also provide an RSS feed that you can subscribe to in iTunes so that you can download the messages directly into iTunes and, if you choose, to automatically get new messages as they are added.

Happy listening!

P.S. We're still thinking through how best to make a visual of each message available now that we no longer sell DVDs. We may consider a video podcast in the near future.


Thanks Mark. Really appreciate the free podcast messages. A video podcast would be awesome, as I sure do miss watching 'Connect'.

Test comment

Good morning Mark,

My son Eric goes to CityLifeChurch, and he serves in managing the lighting once a month. Whenever we are in Melbourne visiting, we never fail to come to your church. I love the church and the sermons. I have bought quite a number of the sermon DVDs to share them with my small group members, just last Friday we watched the sermon by Nicole on "judging others". We are from Grace Methodist Church in Miri, a northern city in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia. Talk with Eric if you want to know more about Miri. I showed them your Dad from the Grace and Laws sermon, told them about Josiah, so they have come to enjoy your fellowship although they have not met you and the family in person. It is therefore quite disappointing to know that I would not be able to keep in touch with your sermon anymore except when I visit Melbourne. I hope the church will find an alternative way to let us share the words of God from CityLife.

God belss you, your family and the church
Yew Tiong Hoo
[email protected]

Mark I'd be interested in what prompted you to move in this direction as not everyone is into MP3 players

Thanks Mark, I really welcome this move. Ittended CityLife while studying in Melbourne. Now I'm in Singapore and it's great that I can keep in touch with your sermons. Like John, I'm curious to know what is the reason for this move?

Great service! I noticed one little problem though. If I in the search function for example search for a specific preacher, in this case "Mark Conner", I get to pages as result. When I click on page 2, I don't get to page 2 of the search result, but to page 2 of all sermons. Maybe it could be fixed?


Hi Fredrik

Thanks for letting us know. We’ll get that fixed in the next couple of days. If you subscribe to the Sermon Library in iTunes, you can use the search facility in iTunes to search the library also.

Thanks again

Reason for the change? Our bookshop has just closed down and that was the means by which we sold CDs and DVDs to people. We will now use that floor space for other ministry activities. We didn't want to create another delivery system for these items, hence the move to online.

We are noticing numbers of churches moving this way as people become more technology-proficient.

The upside is wider access and all for free to the user. The downside is no access to those without computers. We'll let you know how it goes!

Thanks Mark appreciate the feedback

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