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The Rabbit and the Elephant: Why Small is the New Big for Today's Church

Imagine you take two elephants. For our purposes, they are a male and a female. You put them in your garage (hopefully, it's big enough!). You give them plenty to eat and drink and you shut the door on them. Three years later, you come back and open the door. What comes out? Three elephants, that's right! Mum and Dad elephant and one baby! Now instead of two elephants, let's pretend you put two rabbits in the garage. At the end of three years, when you open the door, you had better run for your life, because millions of rabbits... Read more →

DARE Women's Conference 2009

This weekend CityLife Church hosts the 10th and final DARE Women's Conference. The conference has ministered to 1000s of women over the last decade. Something fresh will launch in 2010. This year's main guest speaker is Sally Morgenthaler. Sally is a gifted author, speaker, and musician. To read more of her personal story, click here. Sally's fiance, Joe Myers, is also an experienced speaker and author. Check out his web site here. The DARE conference theme this year is JOURNEY. Life really is a journey with highs and lows, ups and downs, twists and turns ... yet along the way... Read more →

Sharpen the Saw

Ecclesiastes 10:10 states: "Using a dull axe requires great strength, so sharpen the blade. That's the value of wisdom; it helps you succeed (NLT)." There a lot of wisdom here . . . if we'll stop and think about it. Imagine finding someone in the woods working hard sawing down a tree. “What are you doing?”, you ask. “Can't you see?” comes the impatient reply. “I'm sawing down this tree.” “You look exhausted!” you exclaim. “How long have you been at it?” “Over five hours,” he replies, “and I'm dead tired! This is hard work.” “Well, why don't you take... Read more →

Dirty Kitchens ..

Hey Aussies ... we need to lift our game. A recent study revealed that Australia is one of the dirtiest countries in the developing world when it comes to hygiene. In fact, our kitchens have a higher level of bacteria than our bathrooms! The Hygiene in the Home Study 2009 covered Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Germany, India, Malaysia, South Africa, Britain and America. Virology expert Prof John Oxford from the Hygiene Council says Australia has high levels of contamination in the kitchen. Kitchen cleaning cloths are the dirtiest item in the home, followed by the kitchen tap. The study found... Read more →

Living a Prayerful Life ...

Life naturally tends to get busier as time goes on. There is so much to DO. Leading a life, a family, a ministry or whatever, tends towards a preoccupation with tasks. Like Martha, we can be so busy serving God that we don't take time to love God and just sit at his feet like Mary did, listening to his word (see Luke 10:38-42). If only we could learn that the best productivity always flows out of a depth of geunine spirituality. As we are continually connected to Jesus, he will flow his life through us and help us to... Read more →

Dogs - a Man's Best Friend?

When I was growing up as a kid, I loved cats and I never really took to dogs. My wife, Nicole, has always loved dogs and she never really took to cats. We got married and we bought an adorable little kitten that we fell in love with while window-shopping at a pet store (bad idea!). Unfortunately, Nicole got hay fever from it, so we gave it away to some friends. Since then, we've had a variety of dogs (German Shepherds, Terrier crosses, and others I couldn't name) - usually two at a time. I must admit, I've learned to... Read more →

Aussie Men are the Least Desirable Husbands!

A recent study conducted by Oxford University revealed that Australian men are the least desirable husbands when it comes to housework and helping with the children. With Aussie men, it seems that their passion for beer and sport takes precedence over doing the washing up. Aussie men are still perceived as being Steve Irwin and Crocodile Dundee types for whom a kitchen is largely unexplored and dangerous terrain. For single women, this only reinforces the old joke - ‘You start off sinking into his arms, then you end up with your arms in his sink.’ My fellow Aussie mates, we... Read more →

Preaching Bloopers

Okay, confession time ... I have had a few clangers - or bloopers, as most people call them - in my life as a public speaker. These are embarrassing moments when you get your words mixed up or say something that has a different meaning than you intended. Here are my Top 3 Bloopers - for your enjoyment: "The church is a living orgasm ..." [instead of "... a living organism ..."] "There were lots of people following Jebus, I mean Jesus ..." [no comment necessary] "A man came and did some staff training for us a few years back.... Read more →

Growing Churches

Every year, Outreach Magazine publishes a list of the 100 largest churches in America along with the 100 fastest growing churches. The 2008 research about the top 100 largest churches can be seen here or purchased here. The list of fastest growing churches can be viewed here. Missiologist Ed Stetzer makes some insightful observations about this research in his article Behind the Numbers, including what growing churches have in common and why they have grown so rapidly. Here are a few excerpts: 1. Behind the numbers are stories of changed lives, renewed churches, and transformed communities. 2. If current trends... Read more →

Leadership Network Survey Results

Leadership Network is an excellent ministry established by Bob Buford. It's mission is to: identify, connect and help high-capacity Christian leaders multiply their impact. They provide a wealth of resources for churches and leaders through their web site, publications, blogs and e-newsletters. Recently Leadership Network conducted an extensive survey seeking to gain insights into the ministry roles of Senior Pastors of larger churches and of Executive Ministers. Click here to read the Senior Pastor report and here for the Executive Minister report. Any questions, feel free to post them in the Comments section. Read more →


Providence – I love the word and the truth that it conveys. Our lives are not subject to luck, fate or chance. We are in the hands of a sovereign loving God. One of my favorite quotes from the Bible is Paul’s statement in Romans 8:28 where he says, “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God and are called according to his purpose.” A few observations: It doesn’t say “God causes all things.” He doesn’t. We make choices, as do other people, and those choices have consequences. It doesn’t... Read more →