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DARE Women's Conference 2009

This weekend CityLife Church hosts the 10th and final DARE Women's Conference. The conference has ministered to 1000s of women over the last decade. Something fresh will launch in 2010.

This year's main guest speaker is Sally Morgenthaler. Sally is a gifted author, speaker, and musician. To read more of her personal story, click here. Sally's fiance, Joe Myers, is also an experienced speaker and author. Check out his web site here. 

The DARE conference theme this year is JOURNEY. Life really is a journey with highs and lows, ups and downs, twists and turns ... yet along the way God is always with us ... calling us, guiding us, encouraging us, strengthening us ... as we move forward.

God said, "My presence will go with you. I'll see the journey to the end." [Exodus 33:14. the Message Bible]

"Your life is a journey you must travel with a deep consciousness of God." [1 Peter 1:17-18. The Message Bible]


My DARE journey concludes with the self-discovery that I must not allow hurts to harden my heart so as to insulate myself from getting more hurts.

Our pains and problems can either make us into real people who can reach out to a hurting world or into cardboard Christians who cannot weep like Jesus wept.

And what a finale it was! Thank you Nicole and your wonderful team for 10 years of many women impacted & given hope & courage for the a whole lot of fun along the way. We have been SO blessed!

Yes so agree with Chris. Thanks so much Nicole for daring to dream and making these last 10 years so impacting for 1000's of women. Without a leader like you we would have been denied such a broad and rich input that we have so enjoyed over the years !!

Excellent post. It makes me realize the energy of words and pictures. I learn a lot, thank you! Wish you make a further progress in the future.

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