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Cool Toys - The Smart Pen

Pen While we're talking about cool toys, I have to mention the 'smart pen.' One of my friends living in the USA has one and showed it to me. There are a variety of smart pens on the market. The one I saw was the Pulse Smart Pen created by Livescribe. It is quite amazing what it can do [for a video demo click here]

I see that Office Works has the 1GB version available here in Australia. There is also some software that you can use with this smart pen to translate your notes into your computer.

What will they come up with next?


Cool language translation function, write in english and get and audio translation in chinese, no more banging your head on the streets of China.... very cool.

now that is my kind of toy.

My wife bought me one last week :) It's very cool. I used it in a meeting this week.

Linda now wants one of these!
Do you get commission?
Downloading todays meetings - very very cool for a memory like mine :)

In answer to what will they come up with next- very cool (and expensive) SMART textas and pencils that your little ankle biters MUST have- start saving mums and dads (and aunties and uncles etc)

I have a number of consultants that we engage as part of our work who love the Livescribe pens. Beware though - just the meeting you wanted to challenge the minutes on the battery can run out if the Technical Consultant forgets to test the battery life! You still have to use some natural intelligence and I think it a courteous reminder to those in the meeting that you are recording!

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