re-Imagining Church (Pt.4)
The Extreme Future

re-Imagining Church (Pt.5)

The church that Jesus is building is a community of Christ-followers empowered by the Spirit to ...

4. Participate in God's Mission in the World.

God was not comfortable to continue for eternity with the amazing loving community he has always experienced. He decided to spread this community by creating human beings. When human relationships broke down and community fell apart, God did not remain aloof. He came and lived among us, taking on human form. He left the comforts of heaven to come into the brokenness of earth to make a way for people to be restored to God and to each other. God is a missionary God! He loves and has a passion for those who are outside his love.

Jesus came for outsiders, those far from God and his love. As Jesus called his disciples to be with him (community) and to become like him (discipleship), he empowered them with the Spirit, not just so they could feel good, but so that they would have the boldness and the wisdom to reach out to people ... locally right nearby them, as well as eventually in all nations of the earth and all sectors of society.

The church is NOT a closed group. Right now God is reaching out to this world. Mission begins and ends with him and his heart for people. When we engage in mission, we simply participate in what God is already doing in our world.

The church is extremely important to God. He loves the church and it is central to what he is doing in the world today. In fact, the local church is the hope of the world because it has been entrusted with the gospel, which is the only thing that can change a human heart – both now and for eternity. Jesus’ intention is that the church be united (John 17:20-21), glorious (Ephesians 5:25-27), and victorious (Matthew 16:17-19). We are not there but God always finished what the starts!

This leaves us with some important questions:

  • Am I part of Christ’s community?
  • Am I following Christ?
  • Am I empowered by the Spirit?
  • Am I participating in God’s mission in the world?

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I am reminded of the benefits of Zeal, when you discuss this topic.

John 2:17 “Zeal for your house has eaten me up”. To see the passion of Christ for the house of God demonstrated in the confronting of the Religious leaders of the day.

What is it that is constraining Christians from being consumed with the zeal of the Lord? I think it is a number of things, but one I would like to bring out is the absence of community for so may. When a Christian really experiences community then they begin to understand what they are fighting for and to protect.

I think the rising of passion/zeal in Gods house is directly related to the level of community being experienced by his people.

Zeal will draw attention to the church.

Here's some serious food for thought... You will have to copy and paste the links to your browser to view them.

"Satan's Meeting"

and a reality check...

"Highway to Hell"

Below is an incredible video about the relationship between a father and son.... which is a beautiful reminder of our Father God's relationship with us. Will bring tears to your eyes.



That's a fantastic video "I KNOW MY REDEEMER LIVES". It encapsulates everything about LOVE.
LOve is unconditional, selfless, enduring, compassionate, caring, etc, etc.

It shows that with our Redemmer, we can do all things through him. Shalom.

Very thought prokoking videos!!
Thanks so much for sharing them
I definitely like the questions that are mentioned at the end of the blog
so true and we need to think how we can help in these aspects and see how we can improve!!

Hi Mark, I am doing a B.Min externally at Tabor Adelaide. This post ties in nicely with the messages I have hearing over the last few weeks. Thanks for the posts.

Marija, you seem to use this blog regularly to post your own thoughts rather than comment on the subject of the posts Mark is making. Blog courtesy is to read the author's post and only comment if you have something to add to the topic that has been raised.

If you have other thoughts or things you are finding that you want to share, then maybe create your own blog and post them there rather than using someone's else's. Otherwise, you simply clog up somneone else's blog. I find it quite frustrating reading through blog comments from people that have nothing to do with the blog post topic.


Hi Jamie,

I'm really sorry that you feel frustrated while reading through blog comments.

Out of my respect for Mark, I apologise for going off track to his blog post and running ahead at times, but I do not apologise for the contents.

Personally, I appreciate reading Mark's encouraging posts and respect each person's point of view, even though I may not agree with some.

If there is a problem here, Mark should be the one to say something about it and not you. It's his blog after all. HMMmmmm? :) Have a nice day. Shalom

Hi Marija, I am new to this blog. I really like the posts and I like reading all the comments and debate about issues. I just noticed that you and a few others make a lot of comments and at times seem to chat away abotu stuff that has nothing to do with the actual post Mark has made.

I'll leave it up to Mark as to whether he is okay about that. I just know that blog 'etiquette' is to comment on the actual subject and not use other people's blogs as your preaching station :)

WOW Jamie, I didn't realise that I was actually preaching! Thanks for bringing that to my attention about blog etiquette. I'm still learning about cyberspace. My apologies for coming across that way. Guess sitting at Kevin's and Mark's feet for many years has paid off :) I'm forever grateful for the powerful Spirit-led, Christ-centered teaching at City Life Church. Have a nice day.

Hi! Jamie,

It's great that you have started reading Mark's blog. It's a really great one for finding wonderful resources. Mark keeps it under headings that are helpful when you wish to find a topic that is relevant to you. I have used it many, many times for my research and it has yet to fail me. :)

As for blog 'etiquette', it's such a difference of opinion. I think so far, most comments have been pretty good. Sure, some need to be told but it's good to give each other some leeway for expression. If all of us treat each other with respect, we really can't go wrong. No one intentionally (well perhaps I could name a few) makes hurtful remarks to "get back" at someone. If cyber-etiquette is required, we should just use the same etiquette that we would in the "real" world we live in. That should be our barometer.

We who are regular readers may or may not offer any comments. We may or may not read other's comments. Sometimes, I choose to ignore some comments that are irrelevant. It's a bit like life, I sometimes choose to ignore certain things that are said to me because I don't think it is worth my while to comment. Being "right" isn't always the best thing. We can win the war and lose the battle. Of course, you do not need to read this comment at all and that is entirely your choice. I will not be offended, how can I? However, it really does not hurt anyone to have certain comments go off tangent for a bit. You will find that Mark does monitor his blog carefully and he does take action when necessary.

Some of us have developed a blog friendship, a camaraderie and I personally think it's a very good thing.

So, we look forward to your comments too. Enjoy Mark's blog, as we all do!


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