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A New Year - A Fresh Start (Pt.2)


Today, let's move on to our second question ...

2. "What Were My Biggest Disappointments?"

I know this is a bit like reviewing the bad news but it's an important step to take. Pick up your pen and write them all down. Recall the times you disappointed yourself. Remember the times when others disappointed you. What dreams didn't come true? What expectations weren't fulfilled? What unexpected grief or trauma did you encounter? What didn't you get around to doing that you really wanted to do? Where did you fail?

Taking time to think about what happened is important. Tell the truth to yourself and acknowledge your hurt and pain ... and don't worry if this list is a little longer than the list you made in answer to yesterday's question! That's okay.

None of us can avoid disappointments. They are a normal part of life.

Look over your list again. Reflect on each item.

Then ask God to help you do three things with each one: (1) forgive (yourself or others), (2) forget (it's over now so try to move on from it), and (3) learn from it (take some lessons from it into your future).

You may want to share these things with a safe friend who can help you process them or even a counsellor, especially if there is a lot of pain still associated with anything on your list.

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