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Fruit and Gifts

Jesus said that we can know the credibility of a ministry by their 'fruit', not by their 'gifts' (see Matthew 7:15-23). Gifts of the Spirit, as well as natural talent, are important but they are no evidence of a holy life. In fact, gifts can deceive us as to the true nature of a person. That's why character is to be the foundation of all ministry. 'Who we are' (fruit) is more important than 'what we can do' (gifts). The interesting thing about gifts is that God gives them and doesn't take them back. Read this comment by Paul when... Read more →

Disappointment and Grace

A guest post from my wife, Nicole Conner ... Today I wept. Disappointment is a hard emotion to handle. I am so disappointed to hear about another brother fallen. So disappointed for the hundreds of people hurt, confused, betrayed. So disappointed at another tarnish to the name and body of Christ. So disappointed for the disappointed - the ones who may turn and walk away. The frailty of our own sinful humanness is a heavy burden. I get so disappointed with myself. Only the understanding and experience of God's grace acts as an antidote to disappointment. We really are earthen... Read more →

The Next American President

Within a few short months, a new president will be elected in the United States of America. Will it be John McCain or Barack Obama? It's been a long campaign and there are lots of opinions about who is the best candidate for the 44th American president. What do you think? Here are a few additional links that may be of interest to you: Christianity Today's Election Blog Information on Pastor Rick Warren's recent interview of the two candidates. Read more →

Go Cats!

For those living in Australia, our Australian Rules Football season has only a few weeks left, with finals coming our way in September, culminating in the big Grand Final on September 27th. My favourite team is the Geelong Cats and they are playing really well at the moment, looking strong, and in a good place to repeat their long-awaited premiership from last season. I've been to a few games this season and I always try to catch any other games on TV if I can. I find it relaxing to sit back and watch such a great team play so... Read more →

2008 Beijing Olympics

I'm sure that many of you saw the spectular opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. I found it incredibly inspiring to see people from over 200 nations gathering together in one place for a common purpose. It made me think of the church that Jesus is building, made up of people from every nation on earth. Our church now has over 100 nationalities represented in it and I love the cultural diversity that brings. It's like a mosaic of many different and unique pieces, crafted together into a masterpiece, a work of art that God is creating. Anyway, enjoy the... Read more →

Top 10 Life Changes that Cause Young People to Drop Out of Church

Here is another post borrowed from Steve Murrell's blog on a similar theme as yesterday's post ... This list is similar, but a bit different. Over 90% of drop outs happen during a “life change” season. Many of the top 10 “life change” moments that fueled the drop out seem mundane. But, when a person is in the process of fazing out of church, almost anything can become the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back. Here are the top 10 “life changes” that cause young people to quit church: 10. Lost touch with my church-going friends 9. Family responsibilities... Read more →

Top 10 Reasons People Quit Church

Here's an interesting post taken from Steve Murrell's blog. Steve is the co-founder of Every Nation, a thriving network of churches around the world, with its headquarters in Manilla, Philippines ... The American church loses 70% of its 18 and 22 year olds. That’s scary. Think about your youth group, the teens in your church and in your family - by the time they are 22 years old - 70% will no longer go to church. There’s a lot of talk about reaching the “un-churched” – but what about the “de-churched” who walked away from the church of their parents?... Read more →

Refuel (Pt.8)

God has a purpose and a plan for each one of our lives. He wants us to fully understand it then pursue it with great passion. He wants us to live life to the full – enthusiastically and joyfully. For that to happen, we need to engage in regular times of refuelling – activities designed to help us replenish our spirit, soul and body. We all get tired and drained. We have limits. We are human. However, God desires to refresh, renew and revive each one of us. Here are a few reflection questions for you as we finish of... Read more →