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Go Cats!

Cats For those living in Australia, our Australian Rules Football season has only a few weeks left, with finals coming our way in September, culminating in the big Grand Final on September 27th. My favourite team is the Geelong Cats and they are playing really well at the moment, looking strong, and in a good place to repeat their long-awaited premiership from last season. 

I've been to a few games this season and I always try to catch any other games on TV if I can. I find it relaxing to sit back and watch such a great team play so well together. Let's hope they can finish strong!


Go, Cats, Go!

Hawks are swooping above, so watch out. :)

GO CATS!!! What great teamwork!!! What an exhilirating game to watch! 20 goals 13 points! Total 133 points! Won by 39 points against the Swans today! Looking good for September. Geelong the place to be! :)

Maybe the Saints is a more suitable team for a pastor!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Christine. A "saint" is as a saint does, but you can't beat "the cats." We can learn alot from their excellent teamwork and commitment to the team! GO CATS!!!

Theres only one team mark and thats in black and white GOOOO PIES

On a happier note. GO CATS!!! GO TEAM!!! :) We've been getting many magnificent and brilliantly coloured rainbows over Geelong. What a beautiful constant reminder of God's promise! God is so good... ALL THE TIME!

Go the Melbourne Storm!!! What is this AFL?

Hey Josh, "Geelong Cats" are a fantastic Aussie rules footy team and such a pleasure to watch, you must admit!!!.....GO CATS!!!.....BUT If I had to pick a rugby team... "Melbourne Storm" would be it! GO STORM!!! :)

GO CATS!!!! Looking good for September! :D

Another good win for the Cats today, over North Melbourne, and they really only played their best on the 2nd quarter. Bring on the finals!

We are Geelong....... the greatest team of ALL!!!

The "CATS" flags are flying proud in Geelong!!! :)
GO CATS!!! What an amazing team to watch!

99 POINTS WIN against the WEAGLES!!! GO CATS!!!
Geelong is looking good for that BIG day in September! :)

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.
- Proverbs 17:17 <<< Cats score! :D 58 points WIN on Sunday
against the Saints! GO-O-O CATS!!!

It's all the way for Geelong!!! CATS' SCORE Revelation 12:11 :D GO CATS!!!

Carn the Cats - B2B in '08. It will be a fantastic Grand Final and looking forward to the celebrations at Geelong on Saturday/Sunday.

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