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A Few New Year Tips - SIMPLIFY

A Few New Year Tips - LOVE

"Three things will last forever - faith, hope, and love - and the greatest of these is love." [1 Cor 13:13. NLT]

As we begin another year - a few thoughts to reflect on ...

Life gets very busy. We easily get caught up with all sorts of 'stuff' and 'things'. There are so many 'tasks' and things to 'do'. In the midst of the hustle and bustle we can quickly lose sight of what is most important.

When it all comes down to it, LOVE really is the most important thing and that means a focus on our relationships, especially with family and friends. I recently had our three teenagers in hospital, a mother-in-law pass away very suddenly, and a best friend go through open heart surgery. When these sorts of things are happening, NOTHING else matters - except those valuable relationships.

Today, and throughout this year, make LOVE the central theme of your life. Slow down. Listen more. Pay attention. Be fully present in the moment. Seek to understand. Reach out. Touch someone. Really LOVE.

What a genuine difference that will make to our world!

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Firstly, thanking the Lord for His gracious mercy that your 3 children are OK. Second, I totally agree with you... The greatest goal of a Christian is love. Praying Pete is recovering well too. God bless you all and keep you standing strong in His love.
Keeping you in my prayers.

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