Should a Christian Get a Tattoo?
A Letter from Poor Grandma

John Mark Ministries

WebJohn Mark Ministries exists to serve church leaders, pastors, and ex-pastors who want to think maturely about their faith. This ministry was founded by Rowland Croucher and is based in Melbourne, Australia. Rowland's web site has a wealth of interesting and helpful information on a wide variety of topics (including a large clean humour section!). It's definitely worth checking out - just click here. Type any topic in the search box to the left of the web site and you'll find more than enough good reading and references. Enjoy!


Thanks Mark (Google told me you'd put this note on your Blog)!

Happy Christmas - and forever!

Rowland Croucher

Great recommendation Mark. Rowland C's devotional book "High Mountains Deep Valleys" is one I have turned to many times over the years when I have needed encouragement or comfort. He has such a down-to-earth way of looking at spiritual truths [hmmm...reminds me of another pastor we all know & love!].

Before checking your blog today, I just happened to look up google about fervent prayer & read through Rowland's article

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