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October 15, 2011


Every generation has tried to develop it's own code to associate with peers and rebel against the authorities in their world.

The current abbreviation in language is also in response to the overload of communication that technology has introduced. This I believe will go through a cycle as do all major shifts in language. Some teen speak has been around for many years... just resurfaced & considered 'new'.

Eventually, people will prefer to enjoy a real conversation, with real words of meaning, with real people, rather than quick impersonal abbreviated snippets dished out electronically - especially when the 'teen speaks' become the 'older generation'.

By then the teens of the day will have some other means of communicating that is designed to baffle the oldies.

Is there a way to buy this book for those in the U.S.?

Good points, Peter!

Mindi, I think you can order it on the web site I created a link too.


Uve g2 b jkng!! 1300 + sms abbreviations- get real- who has time for that?

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